Prep Talk

Prep Talk (Promo, #26) is an Epic Tactical Attack card with 2 Attack and 6 Shield. It has the PowerPsych, and Reflex badges.

Card Effect

Recover two Allies from your depletion pile.

The next Martial Attack you play is a critical strike.

The next Tactical Attack you play gains +8 shield, if you would gain shield.

Card Description

"...and we'll need to take him by surprise," The Crime Blotter said. "Any questions?"

"Kid," Iso-Man replied, "I was fighting bad guys when you were still in school. Don't worry about me -- just make sure you do your part."

"Fair enough... How about you, Polly?"

"Like I'll tell you yesterday, I was ready."

"Works for me. Let's go take him apart."

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