201 professor helios

Professor Helios (Genesis, #201) is a Legendary Ally card with 5 Attack and 3 Shield. It has the Sculpting badge.

Card Effect

Cards that would be depleted by Professor Helios are banished instead.

For the rest of the fight, your Sculpting badged attacks deal +1 damage.

When Professor Helios is depleted, your Sculpting badged attacks are critical strikes for the next 3 turns.

Card Description

Professor Helios was the first Firesculptor, capable of invoking the element of flame and shaping it into any form he can imagine. When these powers first emerged, he maintained a secret identity -- concealing his 'gift' even from those closest to him. He believed that no man should ever possess such destructive might, and each day the words of Oppenheimer rang in his mind with chilling effect: "I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.".

Perhaps it was because he hated his 'curse' so much, and couldn't stomach the thought of another being forced to bear such a terrible responsibility, that he deluded himself. But whatever the reason, he refused to acknowledge that he had passed his powers on to his only child. The boy was left to discover this on his own. When he found out that his father was Professor Helios, and that the same fire burned in his soul, his mind snapped. He went berserk, adopting the persona of Phaeton, and theatened to go supernova -- immolating the world with his conflagration.

Helios was distraught, but he had little choice. When he knew that he couldn't reason with his son, he combined his powers with the barrage of titanium rods dropped from the Aloysius Zeroth's Zeus satellite -- destroying Phaeton's island base and killing him.

Although there would forever be a rift between Helios and Zeroth as a result of this unavoidable infanticide, Helios knew that he needed the ultra-wealthy industrialist. He made Zeroth promise to fund the Phaeton Project -- a school named after Helios' son, where young Emergents could be trained to use their powers responsibly in the hope of preventing another such tragedy. Zeroth also pledged to devote a further chunk of his forture to seeking out Emergents whenever their powers began to manifest.

As a professor at the school, Helios spends his days honing students into young heroes who understand the burden they bear and will use their powers to defend the world from anyone or anything that would threaten mankind.

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