Quickhit (Genesis, #186) is a Rare Ally card with 3 Attack and 0 Shield.

Card Effect

When Quickhit is depleted, banish Quickhit and shuffle a copy of Painful Reminder into your deck.

Card Description

As with her peers among the younger generation of Emergents, Maive Turner's powers became active many years ago. She's been able to use them for as long as she can recall -- primarily for her own amusement. Hence she has little respect for the previous generation of Emergents, who came into their powers later in life and had to struggle to master them.

Maive, known on the streets as Quickhit, spends most of her days riding around the neighborhood on her skateboard, reveling in superhuman agility and showing it off to anyone who'll watch. People who get in her way and try to put a stop to her juvenile fun are asking for trouble.

Quickhit is the unofficial leader of The Home School, a group of bratty Emergent miscreants. She and her friends love teasing or even tormenting the Phaeton Project's students, whom they deride for 'wasting time' learning from the older generation, and for treating their powers as things to be trained in an academic environment instead of enjoyed in the streets. They also tend to cause trouble for local heroes such as The Southside Sentry, who try to curb their youthful misbehavior.

Other VersionsEdit

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