Red Poles
Red Poles

Red Poles (Mastermind set) is a Common Ally card with 3 Attack and 3 Shield.

Card Effect

Your next Martial Attack deals +2 damage.

Recover a Martial Attack.

On deplete, your next Martial Attack is unstoppable.

Card Description

The Red Poles earned themselves a reputation for ambition and ruthlessness in the Hong Kong underworld. Even the most powerful and influential triad gangs shied away from antagonizing them, for fear that The Red Poles would retaliate so recklessly as to force the authorities to intervene when the war spilled into the streets and became a major threat to public order.

They carried out a string of major crimes in the 1980s, culminating with their most daring: the kidnap of Maureen Xie. That one didn't go quite as well as they'd hoped...

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