Sandbagged mini

Sangbagged (Promo, #11) is an Epic Tactical Attack card with 5 Attack and 0 Shield.

Card Effect

The next 2 threats played against you deal no more than 4 damage.

Sandbagged has a 50% chance to be unstoppable.

The next Home School Ally you play deals +3 damage.

Card Description

Most Emergents have a flair for theatrics, as demonstrated by their love of witty (or atrocioulu punbased) pseudonyms, ecletic costumes, and memorable catchphrases. Even Quickhit, who would probably punch someone in the face out of pure misunderstanding if they called her a thespian, enjoys the occasional foray into the world of amateur dramatics.

Hence she remembered to say, "Break a leg!" as she skated along the rafters and slashed the ropes -- sending hefty sandbags raining down The Drama Club below.

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