Shimmerstorm Upstart

Shimmerstorm: Upstart (Tempus, #25) is a Rare Ally card with 0 Attack and 2 Shield. It has the Reflex and Sculpting badges.

Card Effect

For each Upstart in your deck, deal +1 damage.

Delay: Shuffle a copy of Shimmerstorm: Upstart into your deck.

Card Description

Shimmerstorm was, is, and will be. She knows all these things. She's seen and heard them, as both prophecy and memory. Time ripples around her -- a great mass of water caught between lake and river and whirlpool, unsure whether to rush or stagnate around this island of chronological mystery.

More info about ShimmerstormEdit

Shimmerstorm - avatar

- Shimmerstorm's history and background.
- Cards featuring Shimmerstorm on their illustrations.
- Other members of the Upstarts: Crime Blotter, Southside Sentry, Devastatrix

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