Sunder - image
Sunder (card)

Sunder (Mastermind set, #?) is a Common Ally card with 6 Attack and 2 Shield.

Card Description

These days companies that make armored cars, bank vaults, and other such things are careful to put the following in fine print: "Warning: This product is not Sunder-resistant, and standard guarantee don't apply in the standard guarantees don't apply in the event of destruction caused by, or believed to be caused by, Sunder.".

Tommy Tungsten was once just a regular bank robber with an alliterated name and a preference for stealing money instead of earning it. Then he tried to heist weapons from a criminal outfit, and got himself blown up breaking into what turned out to be a decoy vault loaded with explosives.

The blast should have turned him into charred chunks, a warning to other thieves who might think about ripping them off. Instead, Tungsten's powers manifested themselves -- and his body merged with the vaults metal alloys.