Sunder Freelancer mini
Sunder Freelancer

Sunder: Freelancer (Mastermind set) is a Common Ally card with 10 Attack and 3 Shield. It has the Mastermind and Power badges.

Card Effect

Deplete a Henchman from your deck, Sunder: Freelancer deals +1 damage for each Henchman in your deck and a +50% chance to deal an addicional +1 damage.

On Deplete Banish Sunder: Freelancer, the next threat you play deals +4 damage.

Card Description

Some people favor steady employment and weekly paychecks. However costumed villains aren't really cut out for that kind of life. They prefer to endure the trials and tribulations of self-employment. In Sunder's case, this tends to involve knocking off random banks or armored cars. But he can be tempted to take the occasional freelance contract, if it means he gets a nice payday and the opportunity to smash a few heads along the way.

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