Support Beam

Support Beam (Vengeance, #77) is an Epic Martial Attack card with 0 Attack and 4 Shield. It has the PsychReflex, and Sculpting badges.

Card Effect

Support Beam deals +2 damage for each other member of your team.

You and each member of your teams Recover 2.

Banish Support Beam.

On deplete, Banish Support Beam.

Card Description

Like all good reporters, Denny Goodwin considered himself to be a cunning and resourceful fellow, capable of digging himself out of almost any scrape. He knew how to talk to bad guys whilst undercover, to allay their suspicions and get the information he desired. And in his nocturnal guise, he certainly knew how to punch his way into or out of most situations as needed.

However, neither his mind, nor his mouth, nor his fists, were useful against the heavy steel girder which pinned him to the ground.

Fortunately for him, Beacon was...

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