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The Beacon

The Beacon (Genesis, #180) is an Uncommon Ally card with 1 Attack and 2 Shield. It has the Power and Sculpting badges.

Card Effect

When you play The Beacon, your opponent banishes a random card from their depletion pile.

When The Beacon is depleted, your opponent banishes 2 random cards from their depletion pile.

Card Description

"Lucinda De La Cruz is my most promising Firesculptor among the upperclassmen. She applies herself with determination and intelligence, neither shunning hard work and rigorous practice nor neglecting more efficient methods of learning when those present themselves.

Her finesse is especially admirable. While too many other Firesculptors delight in flamboyant, poorly controlled displays of power, Lucinda has so mastered our art that she can unleash narrow, precise beams with enough accuracy and focused heat to cut through almost any substance. She's also capable of blinding adversaries with controlled discharges of light, or even using these to guide disorientated comrades." -- Professor Helios' notes on the student body.

Other VersionsEdit

How to Obtain

Basic Packs

Advanced Packs
Honor Yellow question Cosmic Yellow question
Glory Yellow question Prestige Yellow question
Draft Exclusive Red x Draft Yellow question
Win From Battle Only Yellow question Specific Crafting Yellow question
Issue: N/A Forge Section: N/A
Enemy: N/A Materials: