195 cornerman
The Cornerman

The Cornerman (Genesis, #195) is an Epic Ally card with 4 Attack and 2 Shield.

Card Effect

Shuffle an Ally from your depletion pile into your deck.

When The Cornerman is depleted, banish it. Shuffle all Allies from your depletion pile into your deck.

Card Description

Angelo Piazza is a life-long gym rat, who's spent so long around fighters that people joke about him training Jack Dempsey and Rocky Marciano. He's worked the corner in the Emergent Fighting League for years, giving competitors the benefit of his wisdom and experience.

Angelo's powers emerged late in life, when Pesticide and his feral pack attacked the Culverton Arena during an EFL event. The fighters had been put out of commission by tainted water bottles, and only Angelo was able to fight them off with the aid of his newfound might.

How to Obtain

Basic Packs

Advanced Packs
Honor Red x Cosmic Red x
Glory Red x Prestige Red x
Draft Exclusive Red x Draft Red x
Win From Battle Only Green check Specific Crafting Red x
Issue: Clan Brawl Forge Section: N/A
Enemy: Firerazer (League Brawl Boss) Materials:


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