530 the formula
The Formula

The Formula (Mastermind set) is a Common Ally card with 3 Attack and 3 Shield. It has the MastermindPower, and Psych badges.

Card Effect

If The Formula would be depleted, deplete another card instead.

Your next attack banishes cards instead of depleting them.

Your next 2 attacks are a critical strike.

Your next 3 attacks deals double damage.

Your next 4 attacks are unstoppable.

Card Description

The Formula exists beyond reality's walls, held at bay until his minions undermine them from within and grant him access. Then he barges into our world as a raging beast -- swift, strong, and near invincible.

Years ago, The Crime Blotter and Shimmerstorm learned that the best defense -- perhaps the only sure protection against him -- was to prevent The Formula from ever being summoned. Now that's failed, and there isn't a single 'Plan B' which seems adequate to stop him.

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