The Hat-img
The Hat

The Hat (Mastermind set) is a Rare Ally card with 0 Attack and 1 Shield. It has the Mastermind badge.

Card Effect

+1 Willpower Counter.

Deal 1 damage for each Willpower Counter you have.

If you would deplete The Hat, deplete another card instead.

Card Description

The mysterious man who rules Culverton's underworld is sometimes called The Mayor of Guttertown. But most people simply refer to him as The Hat. Unlike other costumed criminals, whose invariable spells in prison have led to arrest records, mug shots, and other evidence concerning their true identities and appearances, no one has seen his face and lived to tell the tale.

The Hat can sometimes be glimpsed up on the rooftops near an ongoing heist, or when a body drops in the street with an assassin's bullet in its brain. Always watching as his will is carried out, never seeming to take action himself.

Several heroes have tried to bring him down, but all have failed. If they ever get close, he just steps through a wormhole and disappears.