258 the mad confectionist
The Mad Confectionist

The Mad Confectionist (Mastermind set) is a Common Ally card with 1 Attack and 2 Shield.

Card Effect

Banish your depletion pile. For each card banished this way, deal +1 damage.

When The Mad Confectionist is Depleted, shuffle 2 copies of Sweet Revenge in your deck.

Card Description

Simon Baumé seemed harmless enough at first. The kind of idiotic gimmicked criminal who caused trouble, got knocked around a bit by costumed heroes, then went out of sight and mind. He was a pastry chef, whose forays into the world of commercial gastronomy had met with abject failure. As a consequence, he tormented the competitors at international pastry competitions -- performing such nefarious actions as switching custard with mustard, thus ruining their desserts.

The media treated it as a joke, a little tidbit to put at the end of a broadcast to leave the viewers smiling. Then The Mad Confectionist killed a member of the Canadian team at the World Pastry Cup -- stabbing him through the heart with a piece of hard candy. After that, the authorities decided to take things seriously. Baum was arrested, convicted, and thrown in prison.

In prison The Mad Confectionist became hardened, realizing that he had to be tough to survive. He fell in with other dangerous villians, forming an alliance with Daddy-O in particular. And as with his newfound friend, Baum's power likewise emerged during his imprisonment.

He developed the ability to sculpt molten candy into shapes of his choosing and animate them through willpower alone. So he unleashed a sugary-sweet grizzly gummie bear, which mauled the guards and smashed a hole in the prison wall.

Free again, The Mad Confectionist began a deadlier, more sinister phase of his criminal career.

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