The Scarlet Tiger
The Scarlet Tiger

The Scarlet Tiger (Tempus, #293) is an Epic Ally card with 5 Attack and 2 Shield.

Card Effect

The next Ally you play is a critical strike.

When The Scarlet Tiger is depleted, the next threat you play deals +2 damage.

Card Description

The Scarlet Tiger was always strong. As the only child of a great wrestling champion, she'd been trained to grapple from the moment she left the cradle. Visitors to their little village in India would look on in awe as the small girl wrestled with snakes, and overcame their strong, sinuous bodies through skill and bravery.

She was always strong, but it took an atrocity to make her fierce. When she was a young woman, foreign poachers killed an old tiger so that they could take its hide as a trophy. That animal had long roamed the countryside, never straying near the village or harming its people, and the villagers had left it offerings during festivals. The locals were outraged by what the poachers done, but none so much as The Scarlet Tiger -- who earned that name on the very same day.

Armed with two strong bones taken from the tiger's body, so that the beast could be part of her vengeance, along with gauntlets embedded with its claws, she hunted them down and punished them. The villagers rejoiced, but the local officials did not. One of the poachers' fathers was an important man in his nation's embassy. He called for The Scarlet Tiger's arrest. She was forced to leave India, and begin a life of wandering that would take her through many Asian nations.

She taught what she knew of Indian martial arts to earn food and lodging. In turn she learned what her host countries had to offer. Later in life, when she came to America, she was as skilled and proficient a fighter as had ever lived. A perfect woman for Moxie to recruit as a combat instructor for the Phaeton Project.

The Scarlet Tiger's wandering adventures hadn't ended, however. When she arrived in Culverton she found the city in the grip of turmoil, assailed by Strays and Unbound. She saw innocents suffering at the hands of the wicked. It wasn't something she could tolerate...

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