Southside Sentry-image
The Southside Sentry

The Southside Sentry (Genesis, #193) is an Epic Ally card with 3 Attack and 6 Shield.

Card Effect

If there are no Upstarts other than The Southside Sentry in your deck, damage dealt by The Southside Sentry is unstoppable.

Card Description

Being an honest man and resisting temptation can be tough in Culverton. When Marcus Wainwright was a security guard working the Southside Container Terminal, it would have been easy to pad out his meager salary by accepting the money he was offered from the shadows -- bribes to turn a blind eye while weapons, drugs, and even human beings were smuggled into the city by organized crime. But he resisted.

Marcus' coworkers, afraid of losing their lucrative arrangement with the mob and maybe even going to jail, decided to have him killed before he could expose them. They arranged for a group of out of town hitmen to dump him -- still alive -- into freshly poured concrete that was to become the foundation of a new terminal building.

Drowning in that concrete, his life flashing before his eyes, Marcus changed. His powers emerged -- his body took on the appearance and hardness of the concrete around him. He was reborn. He became The Southside Sentry.

The other security guards tried to conceal their crime by claiming he was a villain. This led to The Crime Blotter and Devastatrix hunting him down. But the truth came out, and he ended up joining them as one of The Upstarts.

These days The Southside Sentry continues to patrol Culverton's waterfront, a duty which brings him into constant conflic with heist artists and with The Home School -- who treat the place as their personal playground.

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