The sunderground

NPC sunder

5 players

Only available from Aug 9 through Aug 14 2012


Normal Crisis
Deck Size
60 150
LoH MastermindBadge Villain Mastermind
6 8
LoH PowerBadge Strongharm Power
8 10
Energy Required
50 100
Bucks and Experience gained
900 Bucks and 80 xp 1800 Bucks and 160 xp
Brawl Points gained
6 20
Craft Drops
Card and Item Drops
*Fire From Within
*Faster than the Eye
*Too Fast
*Padded Boots

Deck ListEdit

The enemy's deck has:

Alphabetical TableEdit

Card Normal Crisis
Big Stick 3
Blast Radius
Gingerhaired men
Last Ditch Effort
Last Laugh 2
Mighty Blow
Oh, Really? 4
On The Bubble
Painful Reminder 3
Puppet Master
Pump The Fist
Simple Tools 2
Scoreboard 3
Splash Damage
Time Out

Second editionEdit


Reward table

On 19.01.2013 The Sunderground was back! Awailable do 24h and leaving unique drop - Dynamite.

This brawls had unique reward system offering one rewards for earning 500 or 1000 points, with no points for global points accumulated.

It was the second chance to get Little Susie: Antihero.

Points Reward
500 Young Zeroth2Mighty Blow
1000 Young Zeroth2Mighty BlowMighty BlowLittle Susie AntiheroPrestige pack

Megabrawl storyEdit

The Conservator-image
The Conservator: You look able-bodied. Asclepius knows we have a shortage of that right now! We have a crisis that demands every able body to deal with it.

And most of the teachers and upperclassmen are still in the infirmary. Even Little Susie Homewrecker is fighting alongside the good guys for this one. Maybe she is not a total lost cause after all.

Sunder - image
The Conservator: With just about every hero and nearly every villain knocked out of commission during the attack on the school...

Sunder has unified all the henchmen into a well-organized criminal organization that is terrorizing the city!

The Conservator: I know you have fought them before but...

...and this is very important...

248 gingerhaired men
The Conservator: not underestimate them!

They are organized and more powerful than before.

The Conservator: And they are everywhere. The city is on the verge of utter chaos.
Field Dressing mini
The Conservator: I am trying to get as many bodies out the door as quickly as possible.

Everyone is going to have to fight together if we have any hope of saving the city.

Back on Your Feet mini
The Conservator: Good luck! I will get as many emergents to help as quickly as I can!

Bantam: You heard the lovely lady. Let's go knock some heads in.

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