619 wizards and warriors
619 wizards and warriors

Wizards and Warriors (Crisis, #22) is an Epic Tactical Attack card with 3 Attack and 4 Shield. It has the PsychReflex, and Sculpting badges.

Card Effect

When you play or discard Wizards and Warriors, each opponent banishes an event from their deck.

Delay: Recover 1 memento.

On deplete, banish Wizards and Warriors.

Ongoing: At the begining of your turn, recover 2 attacks.

Card Description

"My magic isn't working on them!" Bethany exclaimed.

"So use your staff as a bludgeon!" Chronarchivist replied.

"I'm a sorceress! It would be undignified!"

"Then ruin them with that tongue of yours, like you did to that pirate in Baird."

In spite of their dire situation, Bethany laughed at the memory.

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