Z03MG Protector mini
Z03MG Protector

Z03MG: Protector (Vengeance, #25) is an Epic Ally card with 3 Attack and 0 Shield. It has the Reflex and Sculpting badges.

Card Effect

​#Z03MG: Protector is Unstoppable

While in your deck, Homes School Allies have a 35% chance to deal +2 damage.

Card Description

"Saving Zeroth. Lots of people want to kill him. Now he's young, maybe he'll ask me out. #takemesomeplacenice" -- #Z03MG's Twitter feed"

Other VersionsEdit

More info about #Z03MGEdit

Z03mg - avatar

- #Z03MG's history and background.
- Cards featuring #Z03MG on their illustrations.
- Other members of Home School: Makeshift, Quickhit, Maser, Johnny Tinker

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