337 zeroth genesis

Zeroth: Genesis (Tempus, #60) is a Legendary Ally card with 1 Attack and 1 Shield.

Card Effect

LoH PowerBadge
For the next 2 turns, threats you play deal +3 damage
LoH ReflexBadge
Play an additional threat this turn
LoH PsychBadge
You have a 75% chance to deal +1 damage for each willpower counter you have

On deplete, banish Zeroth: Genesis. Shuffle 4 Genesis Squadron Allies from your depletion pile into your deck.

Card Description

Though the domino mask he wore in the '80s has gone the way of oversized cell phones and memorable movie theme music, Aloysius Zeroth's mind remains as masked as ever. Then, as now, little of consequence ever escaped his notice -- or becoming subject to his machinations.

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