I14 page10 panel3
I14 page10 panel3

Zeva: Acid Spewer (7, #37) is a Legendary Ally card with 5 Attack and 5 Shield. It has the PowerPsychReflex, and Sculpting badges.

Card Effect

The next Sculpting threat you play deals +3 damage and is a critical strike.

The next Reflex threat you play is unstoppable.

The next Power threat you play deals +3 damage and gains +6 shield.

The next Psych threat you play, your opponent banishes 2 allies and 1 event from their deck.

Card Description

"A dragon," Chronarchivist muttered.

She stole a quick glance at her book as acid rained down on Bethany's arcane barrier. Then she let out a sigh of relief. This drake wasn't one of those that the era's great hero would encounter. Time and fate were playing out as they should.

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